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Patagon Journal

Patagon Journal #27

Patagon Journal #27

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In our cover story, Paula López Wood writes about the gaucho life in Patagonia and how Aysén residents are trying to revitalize their rural culture. Also in Issue 27, we have a report from Sebastián Silva Alcaíno on the sea forests at the end of the world; Rodrigo Barría writes about megafires and how tree plantations in Chile are combining with climate change to fuel them; Ximena Martínez Astroza writes about visiting Iceland’s natural wonders; Jimmy Langman interviews Sofia Heinonen about her work at Rewilding Argentina; we have a photo essay from Carla Stagno Ruedi about the ancient araucaria trees; Camilo Novoa files a dispatch about possibly the world’s best ice climbing park; and much more. 

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